Welcome to the 316 Jumpstart Program!

We are excited that you’ve made the decision to take charge of your health.

We wanted to briefly give you an overview of the program as well as introduce some additional ways you could enhance the program if you choose to do so.

This program is completely email driven.

The book and test are on their way but it’s not necessary for you to have in hand to start the program, you do have immediate access to the website and there’s a lot of information that you can take a look at but please don’t get overwhelmed and feel that you have to figure anything out, because the emails will take you through a step by step process and take you through everything you need to know and do for that day.

Be on the look out for your very first action email. This is important to note:

The program is going to start for you on Friday.

If you signed up on a Friday, it will start the following week. If for some reason you don’t get an email on Friday, check the FAQ page on our website for instructions to fix most issues.

So what does your next two weeks look like?

It’s all about preparation! You won’t officially start the diet until week 3.

Your first two weeks of this program are designed to help you get key things in place so that you’ll be successful.

  • Make or buy Fermented food
  • Menu planning use sample or create your own
  • Make or buy Bone broth

Once everything’s in place you’ll be ready to buy your groceries and begin the program.

Remember this is just an overview, you don’t have to remember or write instructions down because Everything you need to know will be sent to you through our email series day by day.

For the whole 90 days you’ll receive an email almost Everyday guiding you through what actions steps to take.

You will receive encouragement, food education, stress strategies, menu tips, recipe tips, and much more!

Beyond that, the whole 90 day program will be spent fueling your body with key foods to support your gut, liver and cells to help enable your body to detox, decrease inflammation, balance blood sugars, increase energy, address weight issues, hair loss, anxiety, and so much more!

Remember, every single system in our body works together to create a healthy you. When one system falters or lacks the tools it needs to function properly it impacts other systems. Every organ is intertwined with one another.

The belief that your thyroid works in isolation is false.

If you remember the thyroid pathway, the thyroid gland produces the hormones, they’re transported to your gut and liver where they convert the hormones to a usable form and then your cells receive the hormones and then carry out their functions.

Also, remember that thyroid support of any kind, whether it’s medications or supplements, has almost no effect on it’s own for people with positive thyroid antibodies. This means if you have Hashimoto’s or Grave’s, nutritional support is essential.

Our body’s are a complex system that requires an enormous amount of tools to carry out the millions of tasks it performs every single day. But because of environmental toxins, medications, stressful life, over processed and nutrient deficient foods, these things begin to wreak havoc on our bodies and inflammation occurs as cells are damaged, our guts become damaged, liver becomes sluggish over time, blood sugars swing, immune system goes on high alert and hormones become imbalanced.

We may not be able to avoid toxins and stress, but we can certainly combat these attacks by what we fuel our body with.

This is about breaking old habits, strengthening your body and creating a new lifestyle…. This isn’t just about the next 90 days, but about spending the next 90 days to prepare for the rest of your life!

Now we set this program up in such a way that all of the foods serve a very important purpose. It’s designed to give your gut, liver, and cells the tools they need to heal, and that’s exactly what this program does. I mentioned earlier that there are ways to enhance this whole process and that’s where supplements become helpful.

You have to lay down a nutritional foundation first, without it nothing else matters.

If you’d like to enhance the program we’ve provided some great supplemental tools to accompany this 90 day process and support every single system.

This is not an attempt to sell you on supplements.

These are extra tools that can help speed up the process but again are not necessary to do the program. One of our biggest desires was to also educate you through this 90 day program and we’re going to start right now by sharing with you the supplements we recommend, and why. You’ll also get a list of the supplements so you can buy them elsewhere if you’d like, we just want you to know what’s available and what to look for should you decide you want additional support. There’s a lot of choices out there and we’ve done a lot of research and have vetted out a lot of companies and found these choices to be among the best of the best.

How can you enhance this process?

These supplements are good for you and you have many options when it comes to supplementation on the 3:16 JumpStart Program and we wanted to go through those options as well as explain why we chose these specific supplements and give you more information about each of them.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase any supplements at all!

Without the supplements this program will provide you with a huge foundation and the most important building block of health and that is FOOD! You’ll be coached through the foods to eat to heal leaky gut, why eating fat is important for every cell in your body and why you need to eat fat to burn fat! You’ll be taught how to choose and properly prepare certain foods. Your body will naturally begin to detox just by eliminating certain trigger foods, but to enhance the detoxing process I’m going to go through the supplements you can use during the 90 days that will be very valuable to your healing.

I have a long list of supplements to go through with you. And the reason there are so many, is because remember we aren’t’ just targeting one organ or gland, but multiple systems in your body.

Also keep in mind that some of the supplements are layered throughout the program, so you won’t be taking all of them at the same time.

We know that most of you have probably been doing a lot of research already and may be familiar with the supplements we suggest. We also know that you may be overwhelmed trying to take all that info in and then taking action on what you learned. So our goal here is to describe what we chose to enhance the program and why. You are welcome to purchase the supplements somewhere other than from us, but either way make sure you listen to the explanation of the supplements so you can make an educated decision.

The first 5 supplements I’m going to describe are all geared toward healing the gut. By now you may already have learned that 20% of T4 is converted to the usable form T3 in the gut, and you also learned that a leaky gut contributes to autoimmunity. When harmful substances and undigested food leak into the bloodstream the immune system goes on attack, creating inflammation.

So we recommend Repairvite because it helps reduce the inflammation, helps to heal those cells of the gut walls, but it also helps stabilize blood sugars, helps with creating mucous that will grab any unwanted bacteria or debris and capture it and remove it from the gut, helps with constipation and diarrhea to create normal healthy bowel movements, and is soothing and calming for the GI tract. If you were on the webinar Repairvite was lovingly termed “Barn Dirt” by one of our clients because she enjoyed the taste so much! But I promise you it’s really not that bad! Actually we love this product so much we’ve included it in all our supplement packages! The main ingredient in Repairvite is L-Glutamine which is also found in bone broth and thats why you’ll be asked to consume lots of bone broth throughout the program. You’ll be given recipes for broth or where to buy it and how to include it in your menu and a list of other foods that are great for healing the gut. So repairvite will help enhance that healing process.

GI Synergy destroys and eliminates harmful gut bacteria, parasites, and yeast. Parasites, pathogens, and infections can flare up the immune system and impact blood sugars. It’s not uncommon to have these harmful parasites, bacteria and yeast if you have thyroid dysfunction and it’s important to remove them so that’s why we’ve included this product in all 3 of our supplement packages. Remember that T4 is converted to T3 in the GI tract, and dysbiosis, an imbalance between pathogenic bacteria and beneficial bacteria, has a negative impact on this conversion. Also this dysbiosis creates inflammation.

Then, we need to replace those bad bacteria with beneficial bacteria and that is why we recommend probiotics like Strengtia. Fermented foods will also provide your gut with those good bacteria. In fact we’ve read that fermented foods are more valuable because they have MORE bacteria and can get past the stomach and into the intestines easier than a supplement. Taking a supplement like Strengtia provides ample support and enhances the process.

Digestzymes supplement the body own’s production of HCL to thoroughly break down proteins and make it easier on the GI system. Low thyroid activity hampers the stomach’s ability to produce its own acid. Also included are pancreatic enzymes to help break down fat, protein, and carbs, and provides liver support to assist in proper bowel movements and prevent undigested food from staying in the gut too long and creating dysbiosis (an unhealthy ratio of good to bad bacteria).

I love the Collagen Proteinvite and it a multi-functioning product, as the collagen, which is also found in bone broth, is so good for your gut but also your skin, nails, and hair, but the additional protein in this product supports proper liver detoxification and help balance blood sugars. It also has a great flavor and I like adding it all my smoothies.

So speaking of the liver, lets move onto Clearvite for liver detoxification and will be part of the second phase of the 3:16 Jumpstart Program. Now remember from the webinar that 60% of T4 is converted to the usable form T3 in the liver so its important that this organ isn’t bogged down and sluggish. Low thyroid function bogs down the whole process the liver goes thru as it filters toxins, metabolized hormones, and filters the blood. Clearvite helps restore function to the liver’s detox pathways and decongest the liver. Again this product is one we feel deserves to be in all our supplement packages.

I want to mention real quick another product, and actually it is NOT included in any of our supplement packages, but it is for liver/gallbladder support. If you do not have a gallbladder LV-GB will assist your body in breaking down the additional fat you’ll be eating. If you don’t have a gallbladder, we strongly recommend this product.

Now these next two products serve many functions but we primarily chose them because they help modulate an autoimmune condition
Oxicell contains Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) are master antioxidants that promote cellular health by protecting the cells and assisting the cell in proper detoxification. They also help balance and regulate the immune system and are essential for proper liver function. The cream allows it to be absorbed easier into you body.
Emulsified Vitamin D is essential for balancing and boosting the immune system, helps with stabilizing blood sugars; the emulsified version was chosen for better and easier absorption but it also prevents toxicity at higher doses. The primary source for vitamin D for most people is from the sun, however despite exposure to adequate sunlight many people are deficient. You can also get Vitamin D from fatty fish. The vitamin d is combined with cod liver oil to provide the EPA and DHA that will also support the t-regulatory cells and modulate an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s or Grave’s.

Nitric Balance is formulated to help balance critical nitric oxide levels and support the immune system. Nitric oxide is important in brain function, focus and metabolic endurance during exercise. Targeted nutritional support for tissues and the immune system are another benefit of Nitric Balance. It supports peripheral blood flow to the brain, hands, feet and other organs.

Adaptocrine is mainly for the adrenals. It contains adaptogen herbs that improve communication between the brain and the adrenals and affects how well the brain communicates with the thyroid. They help adrenals that are both over and under active. Ashwagandha is one of the adaptogen herbs included and it also helps support healthy thyroid function.

Twice a Day Multi Vitamins provide a baseline of key vitamins and minerals necessary for proper hormone conversion and assist in stabilizing blood sugars, among many other things.

Core Cellular is for your cellular detox will be used later in the program and it includes several different supplement in and of itself. The goal of core cellular is to provide healing to the cell membrane, to reduce inflammation of the cell, to provide energy to the cell so it can remove toxins, and to reestablish methylation donors in the cell. If your cell membrane is inflamed then it cannot receive the thyroid hormone; and one function of the cell membrane itself is the conversion of T4 to T3, it can produce the proper methyl groups that your adrenals need. So the cells are crucial.

You can find the complete list of all of these recommended supplements at the link on this page, and you’re free to get them somewhere else if you want. We’ve made a special arrangement with all of the manufacturers to get a special bulk discount for you if you’re looking to enhance the program.

We understand that not everyone will do the program with the supplements and that is totally fine.
The program has been designed with that in mind.

These are very high quality supplements, that we hand picked so if you are interested in enhancing the program and speeding up the healing process, we have put together a few packages to help give you as many options as possible.

Normally, the entire 90-day supply of all the recommended supplements we just talked through is $1,330.00, but today we’re able to get them delivered to your door anywhere in the continental US for only $997 including free shipping! This package includes everything we recommend during the 90-day 316 JumpStart program. A full gut detox, complete liver detox as well as a cellular detox…

All included for only $997 with free shipping!

If that’s outside of your price range, don’t worry about it. As we’ve stated multiple times, the supplements are not required to do the program, they just enhance it. If you’re looking to get the most out of the program and $997 is affordable, that’s your best bet right there.

The next package we put together is what we’ve dubbed the “Bare Essentials Package.” This one contains the top 4 supplements from the list that will make the biggest impact on the program. That’s the RepairVite, ClearVite, GI Synergy and Core Cellular.

Normally, these would retail for $532.00 but we can deliver them to your door anywhere in the continental US for only $397. Again, don’t worry if you’re not able to afford these supplements, they are only recommendations to enhance the program. If you just want to get started and test the waters you can even wait a couple months to order the Core Cellular, so you can get the “Basic Starter Pack” for just $187.

All of these packs include free shipping anywhere in the Continental US.**

Now, one more important thing to note is that no matter where you get these supplements, the manufacturers require that you are under the care of a physician when you buy them, so what w’ve done is cleared some time on Dr. Coker’s schedule so that we can include a phone consultation with the packages at no additional cost to you.

Remember, you do not have to purchase the supplements to go through the program! Without proper nutrition these supplements would not do you much good. The core of the program is Nutrition, and without that we wouldn’t recommend any supplements at all! They will only supplement and enhance what you already doing, but laying down that nutritional foundation is what’s most important.

So just to recap, you have really 4 options to do the program.

Option 1 is to do the program without the supplements, which is fine.

Option 2 would be to get the basic starter pack to enhance the program, and then possibly pick up the core cellular later. That’s $187 with free shipping and a phone consultation with Dr. Coker.

Option 3 would be to get the bare essentials including the core cellular to enhance the program, and that is $397 also with free shipping and a phone consultation.

And finally, Option 4 is to get all the supplements we recommend all at once and save 25% which will maximize your results in the program. And of course, that includes free shipping and the phone consultation with Dr. Coker as well.

One more important thing to note is that we are going to provide you with specific instructions on how and when to take all of these supplements if you choose to purchase them. So if you purchase them, please do not start taking them right away. We will provide you with specific instructions on how and when to start and stop taking them.

In order to purchase any of the supplements from us, you will have to set up a free account on our supplement shop. This is super easy.

Just go to www.316supplements.com and follow the instructions to Create an Account. Once your account is set up, click the Packages Link if you want one of the 3 Packs we talked about or click on the Supplements Link if you want to pick and choose your own order. Then just follow the on screen instructions to check out as you would in any online store.

If you are choosing your own custom order, make sure you use the coupon code “transform15” to save 15% off your entire custom order. That works on approved supplements every time you shop so you can use it over and over if you want to.

Remember, if you’re not ready to order the supplements, that is totally okay.

You can absolutely start healing your body right now by following the program without them.

If you have any questions, or need help getting started, you can contact our office.

No matter what you choose to do, the hardest decision has already been made and that was to start this 90 day program! We’re excited for you! We look forward to seeing you in the FB group and helping you through this journey.

To order the Package that is right for you, simply click the link on this page to set up your free account and then choose the pack that best fits your needs.

**Extra Shipping Charges may apply in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the continental US.