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I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of 3:16 Health Solutions.

We’re on a mission to transform lives and we understand that we just can’t help everyone, but it breaks our hearts to know that we could have done better to help you.

Obviously if you’re reading this, you’re unhappy with something. Before your cancel, I just wanted to take this opportunity to talk through how we want to help you.

My wife and I have a very busy life, trying to juggle raising and home-schooling 8 kids, running a thriving and growing practice and supporting our members online, so we know first hand how challenging it can be to live a healthy lifestyle.

With all of that in mind, we set out to create a program to help women like you to learn and implement small daily steps to regaining true optimal health.

Our goal has always been to keep the cost of the program as low as possible without making the program feel cheap.
From time to time, there are things that challenge us.

Occasionally, technical difficulties like trying to access our website, or stopping our emails from going to spam folders seems like a hassle, and those things can make you want to quit before you even start.

Within that same effort to keep costs low, sometimes our ability to respond to emails, Facebook posts, and support requests is limited by the size of our team.

I want you to know that we really do care about you and your health is important to us. This is more than just a business to us, it’s a passion, and if you’re not feeling cared for, then that is truly heart breaking to us.

It’s my hope that you will push through these temporary challenges, and be patient with us as we help others, and allow us to give you the same kind of support as soon as we are able to.

Try to think of us as being on your side, and know that we really do want to help you as soon as we possibly can. We do respond to every message that we receive.

So if it’s a support issue that you’re unhappy with, I urge you to take advantage of the help center or submit a support request and give our dedicated team time to answer it. Most things can be easily fixed and then you can get on with restoring your health, which is why you joined in the first place.

There’s a link to the Help Center on this page with answers to many of the most common questions as well as a form that you can submit to get the answer to any question that you’re not able to find in the help center archives.

We also have a wonderful community of women who have been through the program and love to help out by answering questions about the program on our members only Facebook group. There’s a link on this page to the Private Facebook community as well.

If it’s something else that you’re not satisfied with, please let us know by giving us your feedback.

Either way, I want to thank you for trusting us with your time and if you do decide to part ways with us, I sincerely hope that you find what you’re looking for and that your life can be transformed for the better.

Thanks and God Bless.

In Health & Mission,

Dr. Bryon Coker

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We have a wonderful community of women who have been through the program and love to answer questions about the program.

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