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Healthy Living Guide Detoxing Your Home

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Detoxing Your Home: Eliminating Toxins in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is an important room to detox since the time you spend there is meant to be a time for your body to rest and repair. And you probably spend more consecutive hours there than in any other room of the house (or you should be!). You shouldn’t be spending...

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Detoxing Your Home: Eliminating Toxins in the Laundry Room

When you walk down the laundry isle at the store, do you have a reaction to all those per-fumy smells? Isn’t it crazy? I remember a time when I bought not only smelly detergents but chemical air fresheners. Now they smell so fake to me! Maybe our home doesn’t have a...

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The Detoxing Your Home Series–Read this First!

The Detoxing Your Home series will be sent to you in weekly emails over the course of several weeks throughout the 3:16 JumpStart Program. We divided it up this way so you can put your primary focus on food for the first few weeks and then tackle specific areas of...

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