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Your Guide to Eating Out on the 3:16 JumpStart Diet

Cooking for yourself when starting the 3:16 JumpStart Diet can be a learning curve. Eating out at restaurants can bring on a host of other challenges. You'll probably be dealing with limited choices of restaurants and also be choosing from a small amount of options on...

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Liver Loving Foods

There are several key foods designed to help the liver function at its best:   Leafy greens are great and are packed with chlorophyll which will help cleanse the blood and also help neutralize heavy metals, chemicals, and even pesticides! Leafy greens can be...

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Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef is essential for decreasing inflammation. You’ve probably heard about omega 3’s, or have been told to supplement with them at some point. Animal based omega 3s, found in fish and grass fed beef, contain DHA and EPA which are mostly unsaturated fats....

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There is a TON of information about iodine online, and much of it is conflicting. I wish we could tell you the magic dose of iodine that every individual needs and just be done with all the back and forth, but it really isn’t that simple. Iodine deficiency is on the...

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Where to Find and Purchase Foods and Products

Dried Herbs and Spices Frontier brand or Simply Organic brand available at Whole Foods, local health foods stores, or you can find these online I like to buy Turmeric in bulk; these are the brands I trust most: Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric- Frontier Organic -...

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Improve Your Sleep Quality with these 15 Natural Tips

Getting enough sleep is essential to healing, detoxifying, and reducing inflammation in your body. Don’t take this lightly! Sleep deprivation causes: • a dramatically weakened immune system • impaired memory • impaired function, both physical and cognitive •...

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