The Detoxing Your Home series will be sent to you in weekly emails over the course of several weeks throughout the 3:16 JumpStart Program. We divided it up this way so you can put your primary focus on food for the first few weeks and then tackle specific areas of your home at your own pace.

This series is divided up room by room, and will cover things like cosmetics and beauty, clean air and water, non toxic cleaners, homemade cleaning products as well as resources if you don’t want to make your own. It’s quite detailed, so we broke it up into small parts so as not to overwhelm.

We are making it available on the website also, for those that feel ready and able to start tackling these areas of their home while putting the primary focus on their food and nutrition. It is here as a resource, but If you don’t feel ready to detox your home…don’t worry! It’s ok to take things one easy step at a time! Don’t get caught up in the feeling of “having to do it all” which is overwhelming and defeating.

This series is something you can come back to again and again as time, energy, and resources permit.